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Psychological evaluations use standardized and norm referenced assessments (or tests) to help form diagnoses. Establishing the correct diagnosis helps to guide and inform treatment. Commonly assessed areas include personality, attention, emotion, behavior, intelligence, and academic skills. 

Common Assessment Areas & Tests

What might a psychological evaluation look like?

Psychological evaluations are individualized, so they vary. But you can expect to work one-on-one with the psychologist. You’ll probably start by giving background information and explaining the problem. The assessments are chosen according to your needs. Common areas of assessment might include:

Having trouble focusing? Are you forgetful? Do you have difficulty organizing? These are just a few of the symptoms of an attention-deficit. The TOVA test measures your inattention, impulsivity, consistency, and speed. Several other assessments are available and regularly used as well.
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is complex, and often looks different in different individuals. Using the “gold standard” for ASD diagnosis – the ADOS-2, with other valid, reliable, and standardized assessments, we can help you discover if you or your child may be on the autism spectrum. Evaluation and diagnosis is available for toddlers through adults.


Is your child having behavior difficulties at home, in school, or in the community? Assessments and evaluation can help sift through those behaviors to find any underlying disorders, which can better equip you to manage those behaviors.

Feeling irritable? Sad, nervous, or upset? There are many types of assessments to help sort out and make sense of your emotions.
Learn more about yourself or your child with a personality test. These tests help to describe your personality traits.

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